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Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm system is a treatment that has been designed to train children to respond to a full bladder by waking and using the toilet. This alert helps begin to condition the brain to register the bladder’s need to empty itself by getting up and urinating. It trains the child's brain to learn slowly to react more quickly to get up, until children actually wake up before urinating begins.

Wireless makes Rodger Bedwetting Alarm unique among all bedwetting solutions. It is complete, easy-to-use dry solution to your child’s bedwetting problem. We know that wires and live currents with moisture can give uneasy feeling of wearing it. Hence Rodger system has eliminated this issue and used the innovative wireless technology.

Easy to wear underwear would fit your child just like normal underwear. However, this underwear has special sensor intricate snaps that are attached to a complex yet minuscule sender transmitter near the waistband. When your child wets a few drops, sender unit transmits signals to the Rodger alarm receiver and it sounds alerting that the bedwetting has occurred.

The alarm system is one that is quite ingenious and unique. Not only can you set multiple bed wetting alarm tones, volume control is included of course, and you can also have a vibrator solution to the bed wetting problem for deaf and hard hearing / sound sleeping children.

For parents to motivate and support and help their child in staying dry during the night, the Rodger Wireless Bed Wetting Alarm System is the perfect training method. It has a calendar, progress chart and thumbs up stickers so both child and parents can follow the ‘score’. By rewarding your child with the “thumbs up” sticker for a dry night, it feels supported and motivated. These stickers, progress chart and calendar are included in the package. The calendar will show both of you how many days or nights have been ‘dry’. If you want to get involved in your child’s bed wetting problem, get this training method and help your child to stop bed wetting permanently.

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